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posted on 2020-08-25, 14:57 authored by Brill Journals1Brill Journals1, Heather L. Auld, Jean Guy J. Godin
ESM 1: Male guppy courtship display.
ESM 2: R codes for linear models and their resultant outputs.
ESM 3. Original raw data file.
Figure A1. Mean ± SE time (s) that the paired viewing (VM) and non-viewing (NVM)
demonstrator male guppies spent within 5 cm of the central container, housing either a conspecific
female or male depending on the treatment, in the experimental apparatus (see Figure 1a) during the
Viewing Phase for each of the three treatments of the experiment. The treatment sample sizes for
this particular dependent variable are Male control (N = 17), No courtship displays (N = 14), and
Courtship displays (N = 11). The p values shown above the bars compare the mean values for
paired VM and NVM demonstrator males and were obtained using the paired t-test. See ESM 2 for
the original data.