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Development of Innovation Districts: A Performance Assessment

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posted on 2023-05-24, 15:48 authored by Carina Rapetti, Josep Pique, Henry Etzkowitz, Francesc Miralles, Jorge Duran

Global challenges demand more competitiveness from cities, calling for quick adaptation

to changes brought about by the current knowledge economy. Innovation Districts (ID) stand out as the most favourable ecosystems to create economic, urban, social and governance solutions proactively and at the speed demanded by this rapid renewal of knowledge. Effective assessment is important in these areas to ensure efforts are guided to achieve the objectives set. Following validation by a panel of 17 experts through an international Fuzzy Delphi survey, and 15 experts in the DEMATEL multi-criteria decision-making approach, this study builds a conceptual framework in four dimensions (Urban, Economic, Social and Governance), with a

set of 37 indicators identified as relevant to assess performance in ID and the power

of influences among them. The resulting multidimensional innovation assessment

framework is a powerful tool, being useful in determining the key impact indicators of

existing innovation districts.


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