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posted on 2018-06-18, 12:10 authored by Jessica DeLisi

The full data matrix with descriptions of the 172 characters as well as their values for all 23 dialects used in the phylogenetic analysis in Section 5.1. of the article 'Armenian prosody in typology and diachrony'. This paper examines the relationship between typology and historical linguistics through a case study from the history of Armenian, where two different stress systems are found in the modern language. The first is a penult system with no associated secondary stress ([... σ́σ]ω). The other, the so-called hammock pattern, has primary stress on the final syllable and secondary stress on the initial syllable of the prosodic word ([σ̀ ... σ́]ω). Although penult stress patterns are by far more typologically common than the hammock pattern in the world’s languages, I will argue that the hammock pattern must be reconstructed for the period of shared innovation, the Proto-Armenian period.