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Hospitalized Individuals with COVID-19 in Kano, Nigeria - Interview (English translated version)

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posted on 2021-12-06, 16:32 authored by Muhammad Aliyu Abba, Naziru Bashir Mukhtar
Management of patients with covid-19 needing hospitalisation is challenging worldwide. However, little or no information has been gathered regarding the experiences of healthcare workers (hcw s) involved in the care of patients with Covid-19 in poorly resourced settings. This study explored the experiences of HCWs managing hospitalised patients with Covid-19 in a treatment centre in Kano, Nigeria. HCWs directly or indirectly involved in managing patients with Covid-19 in one of the two treatment centres in Kano, Nigeria, were sampled based on being information-rich cases. The study participants were interviewed individually via telephone using a semi-structured interview guide. Data collection was stopped when content saturation was attained. Data was analysed using thematic synthesis.


Primary Healthcare Management Board, Kano State, Nigeria