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New species, taxonomy, phylogeny, and distribution of the tropical tribe Bothriomirini (Insecta: Heteroptera: Miridae: Cylapinae). Supplementary Material

posted on 2018-01-19, 13:45 authored by Anna A. Namyatova, Peter Contos, Gerasimos Cassis
Bothriomirini is a small tropical mirid tribe that has not been comprehensively revised nor has monophyly of the tribe and included genera been tested. This paper presents a systematic review of Bothrioimrini. Bothriomirella ater gen. nov. sp. nov., Bothriomiris lorenzatoae sp. nov., Dashymenia javanensis sp. nov., Dashymenia jaydeni sp. nov. are described as new to science. A phylogenetic analysis of Bothriomirini based on morphological data is performed. The diagnoses of the tribe and most of its genera are discussed. Bakeriola crassicornis Poppius, Bothriomiris lugubris Poppius, Bothriomiris ornatus Bergroth, Dashymeniella tibialis Poppius and Leprocapsus scutellaris Poppius are redescribed. Female genitalia of Bothrimirini are discussed for the first time. This study supports the monophyly of the tribe and most genera and docu­ments remarkable heterogeneity of the female genitalia. New locality data and a discussion of the distribu­tion of Bothriomirini in relation to major biomes and climatic zones are provided.