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Supplementary Material to BEH 3443

posted on 2017-06-26, 10:57 authored by Charlotte Canteloup, Iris Poitrasson, James R. Anderson, Nicolas Poulin, Helene Meunier

Video clips made during Canteloup et al.’s (2016) visual perspective-taking study. The study took place in three experimental areas (Canteloup et al., 2016) and subjects’ participation was voluntary. Subjects were assigned as dominant or subordinate depending on which other monkey came to participate in a given session. Each monkey started on opposite sides of the middle test area, and both were given access to the test area after an experimenter had placed two pieces of food there. One piece was placed on top of one of two breezeblocks so as to be visible to both individuals; the second piece was placed inside the other breezeblock so as to be hidden from the dominant. No training was used in this experiment.

We ran two conditions, as follows: In condition 1 the subordinate was released into the test area simultaneously with the dominant; in condition 2 the subordinate had a short head start on the dominant (i.e., the dominant was released as soon as the subordinate’s entire body was in the test area). nalyses were done on a total of 360 trials involving 20 different dominant-subordinate dyads.


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