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Supplementary material to BEH 3695

posted on 2021-06-17, 09:09 authored by Christian A. Perez-Martinez, Manuel Leal

Supplementary Table S1. Ecological trait data gathered from the literature for miniaturized and non-miniaturized taxa.

Supplementary Figure S1. Representative coronal sections from diceCT scans of Sphaerodactylus nicholsi (left) and Gekko smithii (right), shown through the olfactory tracts (A1, B1), transition between the olfactory tracts and telencephalon (A2, B2), telencephalon (A3, B3), mesencephalon (A4, B4), and rhombencephalon (A5, B5). Segmentations are illustrated by the brain outlined in blue and cranial endocast in red. Within the blue boundaries, areas with neural tissue absent (i.e., unstained dark regions) were excluded from brain volumetric measurements via thresholding, whereas the cranial endocast included all voxels encompassed by the braincase.