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The Impact of the Sinsai Roo Jai Ton Project on the Development of Local Culture and Contemporary Performance in Northeastern Thailand

posted on 2020-12-24, 13:17 authored by Pachaya Akkapram
This article discusses the diverse impacts of the Sinsai Roo Jai Ton research project based at Khon Kaen University from 2016 to 2019. Designed as a puppet performance by university students working with local artists in northeastern Thailand (Isan), the project inspired many other groups interested in making puppet performances by collaborating with local artists in Isan communities. Beyond collaborative performances, the project developed new interests in students who participated in the project and helped develop new types of teaching and learning, of research, and creating contemporary performances from artistic materials in local Isan communities such as narratives, stories, folk singing and playing music, murals, folk-dance, traditions and rituals, by using modern drama/theatre concepts and techniques as tools to find creative methods to present a new contemporary performance, to communicate new voices, ideas and aesthetics to audiences and to shape new modes of Isan identity.