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Germination behavior of Sarcopoterium spinosum in response to smoke chemicals indicates adaptation to fire in the southeastern Mediterranean: Supplementary material

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posted on 2018-11-13, 14:05 authored by Sivan Golan, Yoni Waitz, Jotham Ziffer-Berger, Michal Barzilai, Nir Hanin, Zalmen Henkin, Oz Barazani

Germination behavior of the widespread southeastern Mediterranean shrub Sarcopoterium spinosum was conducted to assess its respond to post-fire cues. Germination experiments were conducted on 10 populations along a rainfall gradient – from productive, fuel-rich and fire-prone mesic Mediterranean populations, as well as from those in arid and fuel-poor environments. Our results indicate that post-fire cues induced germination of S. spinosum only among populations that originated from sites that are prone to wild fires. As wild-fires in this region occur mainly during the long dry season, but rarely ignited by natural factors, the adaptation to human made fires in natural populations of the southeastern Mediterranean environments is discussed.


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