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Investigating a Learning Progression for Reasoning Practices of Geocognition Using GeoMapApp-Based Assessment

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posted on 2020-12-01, 10:49 authored by Seungho Maeng
This study examined a case of GeoMapApp-based assessment to investigate a learning progression for middle school students’ understanding of geoscience content and
geocognition (spatial, temporal, and retrospective reasoning and system thinking). A 2-year GeoMapApp-based assessment process was administered along with a doubleround of the construct modeling approach. Based on the measurement of Rasch analysis, the geocognition learning progression was described in terms of data-driven level, meaning-acquiring level, knowledge-constructing level, and complex reasoning with geocognition level. The geocognition learning progression developed in this study had significant implications in terms of the progress variables integrating geoscientific reasoning practices with geoscience content and the perspective on learning with adopting work-with-it view. While this content is applicable in all regions, it is especially helpful for science teachers in the Asia-Pacific region to understand geocognition learning progressions to improve teaching and better support students to understand local geological environments in terms of plate tectonics.


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