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Kathu Pan 6: Observations on the First Known Buried High-Density Open-air Holocene Occupation on the Southern Margin of the Kalahari Basin

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posted on 2023-03-23, 07:30 authored by Wendy Black, Precious Chiwara-Maenzanise, Liora Kolska Horwitz, Steven James Walker, Michael Chazan

This paper presents preliminary results from a newly excavated open-air Later Stone Age site attributed to the Wilton Industry at Kathu Pan 6 in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. Basic data on the lithics, fauna (including a large ivory fragment), and ostrich eggshell (including beads) recovered during two seasons of excavation (2016–2017) is presented and this material is contextualized through comparison with neighboring sites. Spatial analysis of the artifact distribution from the small exposure from the 2017 season suggests a spatially structured occupation. The Wilton open-air occupation of Kathu Pan 6 offers a new perspective on the poorly understood Later Stone Age of the southern fringes of the Kalahari.