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Molecular phylogeny and classification of Chelidurella Verhoeff, stat. restit. (Dermaptera: Forficulidae)

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Version 2 2020-06-24, 06:18
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posted on 2020-06-24, 06:18 authored by Markéta Kirstová, Robin Kundrata, Petr Kočárek

We present herein the first phylogenetic analysis of the genus Chelidura and the taxonomic revision of the genus Chelidurella, stat. restit., based on DNA sequences. The results confirm the generic status of Chelidurella Verhoeff, 1902 and Mesochelidura Verhoeff, 1902, and they are removed from the synonymy with Chelidura and reinstated as valid genera. Many individual Chelidurella species are defined based on the combination of a few variable characters on the pygidium and forceps, and the systematics and phylogeny of this genus are unclear. The validity of most of the species is revisited here by molecular phylogenetic analyses, and individual morphological characters are evaluated for their relevance in the identification of all described species. We describe two new species to science, Chelidurella galvagnii Kirstová & Kočárek, sp. nov. from Austria, and C. pseudovignai Kočárek & Kirstová, sp. nov. from Italy and Austria; two species, C. guentheri Galvagni, 1994, and C. tatrica Chládek, 2017 are newly synonymized. Critical diagnostic characters are illustrated, and an identification key for males of Chelidurella is provided.