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Review of Australian Cylapinae (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Miridae) with key to genera and descriptions of new species

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posted on 2022-04-05, 06:24 authored by Anna A. Namyatova, Gerasimos Cassis

We summarize the knowledge on Australian Cylapinae and review all recorded genera. Two species, Lygaeoscytus carnarvon sp. nov. and Phyllofulvius tarkine sp. nov., are described as new to science. Schizopteromiris Schuh, S. lordhowensis Schuh, S. montheithi Schuh, S. queenslandensis Schuh, Howefulvius Schmitz & Stys, H. elytratus Schmitz & Stys, Lygaeoscytus Reuter, Lygaeoscytus cimicoides Reuter, Phyllofulvius Carvalho and Phyllofulvius australianus Carvalho are redescribed. Rhinomiriella Gorczyca is synonymised with Ceratofulvius Reuter. Cylapofulvius listeri Izzard is transferred to Micanitropis Namyatova & Cassis. Peritropisca Carvalho & Lorenzato is recorded from Australia for the first time. The identification key to Australian genera, images of some holotypes, diagnoses, digital habitus images, scanning electron micrographs, illustration of genitalia and distribution maps are provided for new species and some other taxa. Considering the results of this work, 23 genera and 48 species of Cylapinae are currently recorded from Australia. The distribution and collection techniques are discussed.


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