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Spatial overlap between domestic cats and wild felines in an insular Atlantic Forest remnant: Supplementary material

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posted on 2018-05-29, 14:14 authored by Giovanne A. Ferreira, Eduardo Nakano-Oliveira, Artur Andriolo, Gelson Genaro

Anthropogenic changes are a major threat to biodiversity. One of the possible changes in biodiversity is the introduction of domestic species in the environment, which might represent a threat to wild species. The domestic cat, in particular, has biological and behavioral characteristics that allow a great adaptability to natural areas, thus representing a potential risk to the native species, mainly to the other members of the Felidae family. In this study, the spatial overlap between four species of Neotropical wildcats and domestic cats living in an Atlantic Forest Protected Area in one of the most important forest remnants of this ecosystem was verified. The results indicate the need to adopt mitigation measures against the potential risks of this interaction with the goal of preserving the native species.