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Suppl. material to 'An illustrated guide for the identification of ant subfamilies' (ISE)and genera in Brazil

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posted on 2024-05-15, 16:41 authored by Rodrigo M. Feitosa, Amanda M. Dias

In this guide we present taxonomic keys for the 12 subfamilies and 117 genera of ants known to occur

in Brazil, along with an illustrated glossary of technical terms. The identification keys presented here are

accompanied by high-resolution photographs of representative specimens for each taxon covered, including

details that aid in the understanding of complex characters. Additionally, we provide comparative

information for each genus, including diagnostic morphological traits, predominant habitat occurrence,

nesting and foraging strata, collection frequency, and reproductive strategy. We also provide a synopsis

of the taxonomic status of each genus, including the number of known species in Brazil in comparison

to their global distribution, as well as the occurrence of the ant genera across biomes and the most recent

study including taxonomic tools for species identification. The main objective of this guide is to facilitate

the accurate identification of ants in Brazil, providing a systematic and practical approach in accessible

language for researchers, students, and entomology enthusiasts. We hope to contribute to the advancement

of taxonomic, ecological, and applied knowledge of Brazilian ants, as well as provide a tool for

diversity studies and environmental education, contributing to the understanding and preservation of ants

in the country with the highest biodiversity on the planet.


301495/2019–0 and 140811/2019-2


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