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Suppl. material to: The phylogeny of the tribe Podonomini (Chironomidae: Podonominae) is clarified by new inclusion of Rheochlus Brundin in molecular analysis

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posted on 2024-03-21, 17:44 authored by Augusto Siri, Peter S. Cranston, Vanesa Marin Viegas, Mariano Donato

The immature stages of the patagonian podonomine (Diptera: Chironomidae) genus Rheochlus (Diptera:

Chironomidae) have been unknown although the adult stage was described over half a century ago. New

pupal associations with described adults belonging to two species of Rheochlus allow better understanding

of the genus, its diversity and its phylogeny. The pupa of Rheochlus insignis Brundin is the same

as an unreared damaged pupal taxon designated Podochlus sp. “Canteras’‘ by Brundin and is described

more completely here. Inclusion of R. insignis in a molecular phylogenetic analysis shows it to be sister

to two specimens (one a male, the other pharate female) allocated previously to Podochlus but better

transferred to Rheochlus. The male morphology is compatible with Rheochlus prolongatus Brundin but we

refrain from asserting identity by using ‘cfr.’ prolongatus to indicate the status. Molecular evidence also

provides association of the female adult and pupa that are newly described here. We validate Rheochlus

as distinguished on pupa and adult, with the type-species Rheochlus insignis from Patagonian Chile and

Argentina, Rheochlus prolongatus Brundin from Southern Patagonia Argentina and possibly also from

central Patagonia, Rheochlus latisetus Siri & Brodin from Patagonia, and the eastern Australian Rheochlus

wirthi Brundin. The latter two species remain known only from their original adult male descriptions.

Strengthened support for our concept of Rheochlus as a valid genus, sister group to Podochlus, derives also

from an expanded and reanalysed morphological matrix.


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