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Supplementary Materials to the Journal of Insects as Food and Feed JIFF-20220159:    Limited hydrolysis combined with glycation modification of silkworm pupae (Bombyx mori) proteins: structure-function relationship

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posted on 2023-07-20, 11:53 authored by S.Y. Xie, X.L. Wang, Y. Zhou, L. Ma, Y. Hou, O.P. Soladoye, Y.H. Zhang, Y. Fu


In order to explore the impacts of limited hydrolysis combined with glycation modification on the structure, functional properties, allergenicity, and volatile compounds of silkworm pupae protein, the crude silkworm pupae protein was firstly extracted by alkaline-solution method, followed by Alcalase-treated limited hydrolysis for 10-30 min. Xylose was subsequently added and reacted for 1 h at 95 °C. Afterwards, the structure, functionality, allergenicity, and volatile compounds before and after modification were analysed. The molecular weight of modified silkworm pupae protein was remarkably decreased. The solubility was improved from 4.7 to 28.6%. The foaming ability was elevated by 21%. The in vitro digestibility was elevated by 34.0-44.4%. Furthermore, the abundance of six potential allergic proteins was remarkably reduced. In addition, the contents of off-flavour compounds in modified silkworm pupae proteins substantially decreased. Overall, limited hydrolysis combined with glycation modification can improve the functionality and flavour of silkworm pupae protein, while reduce the allergenicity.


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