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Supplementary material for JIFF2022.0108:    Growth performance and fatty acids profile of common carp fed with raw black soldier fly larvae and honey bee drone brood

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posted on 2023-06-27, 11:33 authored by R. Gebauer, R. Seeger, T. Gebauer, J. Wegener, W. Kloas, F.J. Schaefer


The present study aimed to compare the growth performance and liver and muscle fatty acid (FA) profile of juvenile common carp fed with raw black soldier fly (BSFL; Hermetia illucens) and honey bee drone brood (BDB; Apis mellifera), a novel insect in aquaculture, with a commercial carp diet (CCF). After 6 weeks, the weight gain and specific growth rate were significantly higher in fish fed with CCF, followed by the BDB-fed and BSFL-fed fish, with significant differences among groups. The essential FA contents in feeds were disproportionally mirrored in fish livers and muscles, suggesting feed-dependant biosynthesis ability in common carp. In conclusion, the results suggest that dietary FAs affect the muscle FA composition of common carp. Yet, the composition of dietary essential FAs content did not mirror the essential FA content in muscle, confirming the biosynthesis of essential FAs. The BDB appeared to be a viable alternative or supplement to CCF compliant with circular bioeconomy without compromising the FA profile of common carp muscles. Despite the low growth performance of fish fed with BSFL, this diet indicated good nutritional qualities regarding the FA profiles.


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