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Supplementary material to IFAMR2022.0103:    Consumers’ attitude toward the source of biotechnology

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posted on 2023-06-13, 12:15 authored by Xumin Zhang, Lisa House, Joanna Karavolias, Zhifeng Gao, Teresa Briz, Rainer Hass


Existing research based on labels, risks and benefits, and cultural differences has focused on consumers’ preferences for genetically modified (GM) food products. Limited attention has been paid to the attitudes toward the source who developed the biotechnology. Because there may be trust issues associated with large multinational firms that are often involved in the development of biotechnology, it remains an unexplored question whether consumers consider who produces the technology when forming opinions about food produced with biotechnology. This study investigates consumers’ attitude toward the source of biotechnology using a choice experiment with GM oranges. The study involved participants from three major orange-consuming countries (United States, Germany, and Spain). Results reveal that participants from all three countries were less willing to pay for GM oranges where the technology originated from multinational agribusiness corporations, compared to public universities and small companies. Further examining the effect of consumers’ perceptions, we found consumers’ perception of corporate distrust and environmental concern negatively influence their attitude toward the source of biotechnology, but their technology acceptance positively affects the attitude. By understanding consumers’ attitudes about the source of biotechnology and factors that may improve the consumer reactions, communication, and promotion of new biotechnology food products to improve acceptance from existing and potential consumers are discussed.


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