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Supplementary materials for the Journal of the European Mosquito Control Association: A snapshot mosquito field survey reveals the occurrence of Aedes geminus, Anopheles daciae, and Culex torrentium in the Republic of Ireland

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posted on 2024-03-28, 11:18 authored by Schaffner, Medlock, Vaux, I.A. Giantsis

A snapshot mosquito field survey was conducted in the Republic of Ireland in April-May 2017 and 2018 (for the VectorNet project) to provide mosquito distribution data as there is a dearth of recent data available for that region. The occurrence data obtained serve as a baseline for a preliminary public and veterinary health risk assessment and to promote further targeted vector surveillance. Morphological identification was complemented by genetic analyses to determine the species identity of members of the Anopheles Maculipennis Complex and the Culex Pipiens Assemblage. A total of 52 samples, including 50 immature aquatic samples and 2 adult catches, were collected from 72 locations inspected and distributed over 30 of the 34 vice counties across the country. Seventeen mosquito taxa were collected, and here we provide the first records of Aedes geminus, Anopheles daciae and Culex torrentium for the Republic of Ireland. We also confirm the occurrence of both Anopheles algeriensis and Culiseta alaskaensis which have only been found once before in Ireland.


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