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Taxonomic and nomenclatural status of Iberian Algyroides (Lacertidae): Supplementary material

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posted on 2018-09-12, 12:56 authored by Alberto Sánchez-Vialas, Marta Calvo-Revuelta, Mario García-París
The taxonomy and nomenclature of Iberian Algyroides are problematic. The first taxon described, A. hidalgoi Boscá, 1916, was based on a single specimen that was subsequently lost. The description of the second taxon, A. marchi Valverde, 1958, was based on the comparison of a newly discovered population with the original description of A. hidalgoi. However, A. hidalgoi specimens have never been recorded since for any locality. Therefore, three questions need to be addressed: Is A. hidalgoi Boscá, 1916 a morphologically diagnosable taxon different from all non-Iberian species of Algyroides? are A. hidalgoi and A. marchi conspecific? And if so, which is the correct name for the species? To clarify the taxonomic status of the Iberian Algyroides we (1) compare Boscá’s A. hidalgoi original description against the descriptions of all other species of Algyroides, (2) test the accuracy of Boscá’s A. hidalgoi by comparing it against 204 Iberian museum specimens, and (3) designate a neotype of A. hidalgoi that fits the head pholidosis described in the original description. We show that none of the diagnostic characters used by Valverde to differentiate between A. hidalgoi and A. marchi are actually diagnostic, as we found high levels of variability on those characters in the studied specimens. Our results validate Boscá’s description of A. hidalgoi, which fits within the morphological variability observed for southern Iberian Algyroides. As a result, we propose the strict synonymy of A. marchi Valverde, 1958 with A. hidalgoi Boscá, 1916.


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