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Taxonomic notes and new species of Burmomiles and Sanaungulus (Coleoptera, Cantharidae) from northern Myanmar during the late Mesozoic

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posted on 2024-02-08, 11:16 authored by Yuxia Yang, Wei Zhao, Haoyu Liu

In this study, Poinarelektronmiles Fanti & Damgaard, 2020 is considered as a junior synonym of Burmomiles Fanti, Damgaard & Ellenberger, 2018, since no generic diagnostic differences can be found in their type species except for the elytral length, which is a yet unstable and more ecology-related character. The two hitherto known species of Poinarelektronmiles are transferred to Burmomiles or Sanaungulus Fanti, Damgaard & Ellenberger, 2018, including B. ellenbergeri (Fanti & Damgaard, 2020) comb. nov. and S. cuaroni (Bramanti & Fanti, 2022) comb. nov. Meanwhile, B. dominikiweissbachi (Fanti & Müller, 2022) comb. nov., B. kachinensis (Fanti & Müller, 2022) comb. nov. and B. lethi (Fanti & Damgaard, 2020) comb. nov. are transferred from Sanaungulus. Six Sanaungulus species are suggested to be placed in Cantharidae incertae sedis, including S. electrum Fanti & Müller, 2022, S. franziskaeweissbachae Fanti & Müller, 2022, S. nalae Fanti & Müller, 2022, S. morellii Fanti & Damgaard, 2020, S. rosenzweigi Fanti & Damgaard, 2020 and S. ruicheni (Hsiao & Huang, 2018), due to their absence of antennal appendages in males. The gender identity for S. kirstenaeweissbachae Fanti & Müller, 2022 and S. cuaroni originally defined as females are corrected into males, according to their pectinate antennae. Additionally, four new species, S. marginalis sp. nov., S. longicornis sp. nov., S. elongaticollis sp. nov., and S. undecimus sp. nov., are described and illustrated. These results will significantly complement and expand our knowledge on the Burmite cantharid diversity.


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