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Unraveling the puzzle of Liogenys biodiversity: fifteen new species, nomenclatural acts and new geographical records (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae): supplementary material

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posted on 2019-11-14, 06:52 authored by Mariana A. Cherman, Daniel S. Basílio, Kleber M. Mise, Lúcia M. Almeida

Liogenys Guérin-Méneville, 1831, the largest genus of Neotropical Diplotaxini, is now comprised of 91 species. Fifteen new Brazilian species are described: L. acuta sp.n.; L. amazonica sp.n.; L. angustitarsis sp.n.; L. clinocarinata sp.n.; L. crassopunctata sp.n.; L. hirsuta sp.n.; L. latoemarginata sp.n.; L. leviscutata sp.n.; L. ornativentris sp.n.; L. rodriguesi sp.n.; L. pruinosa sp.n.; L. quadrata sp.n.; L. susanalbertorum sp.n.; L. variabilis sp.n.; and L. vazdemelloi sp.n.. Females are described for the first time for L. acutidens Moser, L. moseri Frey and L. sinuaticeps Moser. For L. macropelma Bates and L. minuta Moser, lectotypes and diagnoses are provided. Two new junior subjective synonyms are made for L. moseri and for L. parva Blanchard: L. obesina Frey and L. femella Cherman, respectively. The geographic distribution of Liogenys is first time recorded in Acre and Rondonia by the occurrence of new species, while other new records are expanded for eight species.