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materials to Journal of Applied Animal Nutrition: Corn fermented protein, an alternative protein to soybean meal to support growth in young turkey poults

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posted on 2023-10-04, 09:43 authored by D. Scholey, A. Alkhtib, P Williams, E Burton

A new distiller’s high protein product (corn fermented protein – CFP) from the dry grind bioethanol process was evaluated as an alternative to soybean meal (SBM) protein in starter and grower diets for turkey poults. One-day-old male BUT6 poults (250) were distributed randomly into 50 pens. Each pen was allocated to one of the following treatments (10 pens each), control (high protein with soybean meal as primary protein source), CFP4% (4% CFP in replacement of SBM); CFP8% (8% CFP in replacement of SBM); HF-CFP4% (4% CFP with lower protein, higher fibre SBM, as primary protein source) and Premium (5% soy protein isolate (SPI) in place of high protein SBM). All diets were isonitrogenous and isoenergetic. Growth performance was measured weekly. At day 42, three poults per pen were sampled to obtain the ileal digesta. Apparent amino acid digestibility (AAAD), nitrogen retention (ANR) and apparent metabolisable energy corrected for nitrogen (AMEn) were measured. At day 42 poult weight and day 0-d42 weight gain for birds fed CFP8% were significantly better than the control. From day 0-42 feed intake nor feed conversion ratio were affected by dietary treatment (P>0.05). Poults receiving CFP 8% had higher AMEn and ANR compared to the control (P<0.05). The CFP8%-fed poults had significantly higher valine, isoleucine and proline digestibility compared to the control. Feeding the CFP8% diet significantly lowered growth carbon footprint (P<0.05). In conclusion, CFP8% can increase ANR and growth performance of turkeys. This would decrease the dependency on SBM, reducing both economic and the environmental cost of turkey production.


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