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Appendix to BEH 3767

posted on 2022-06-02, 08:45 authored by Michael Haslam, Suchinda Malaivijitnond, Michael D. Gumert


Supplementary Video 1. Judas (Macaca fascicularis aurea) hunting a crab (Scylla olivaceae) using a stone tool; 23 May 2012, Piak Nam Yai, Thailand.

Figure A1. Judas (Macaca fascicularis aurea) transporting the captured crab from tidally exposed mudflats to the tool-use location seen in Figure 1 and Supplementary Video 1. Judas is circled, holding the crab in his right hand as he travels from right to left.

Figure A2. Judas (Macaca fascicularis aurea; circled) consuming a claw of the subdued crab at a site several metres from the tool-use location in seen in Figure 1 and Supplementary Video 1. He did not use tools at the consumption site, instead using hands and teeth to dismember the crab.


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