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BEH 3807 Supplementary Material

posted on 2023-03-14, 07:23 authored by Ila F. Porcher

Identification catalogue of each blackfin studied.

Video 1. 15 minutes of feeding session No. A304, starting at t = 9 minutes. The smooth locomotion, velocity, and directional changes typical of the species are seen in site A and vicinity.

Video 2. The shark pauses in mid-water, raising its snout, apparently to sniff the current. This was regularly observed when blackfins passed through a known scent trail as when they sniffed down-current from the kayak (drain holes permitted scent to escape into the water from the well where the fish scraps were kept).

Video 3.  When two blackfin acquaintances meet, they will often approach each other and move parallel to each other (Parallel) with an inter-animal distance of <0.5 m for a few seconds.

Video 4. The shark accelerates out of visual range. This is the usual fear reaction.


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