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Designing an Immersive Virtual Reality Classroom Exploring Behaviour Support Strategies

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posted on 2022-09-11, 20:41 authored by Hayden Park, Grant Cooper, Li Ping Thong

In this research the authors explore ClasSimVR, a proof-of-concept immerse virtual reality (IVR) application. This immersive software is designed to support pre-service teachers (PSTs) implementation of a School-Wide Positive Behaviour Interventions and Supports (SWPBIS) approach to challenging student behaviours. ClasSimVR offers users the opportunity to engage with immersive hypothetical scenarios, whereby virtual students display challenging behaviours. Users respond to these behaviours with a range of possible actions aligned with a SWPBIS approach. The authors draw on a research-through-design (RTD) methodology to explore the design process of ClasSimVR. The article investigates the implications of an expert evaluation (n=5) conducted as part of the design process of creating ClasSimVR. More broadly, this research contributes to the discourse surrounding the design and implementation of immersive learning environments in educational contexts.