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GRMS 11.1 Katsanevaki Supplementary Material

posted on 2023-01-18, 13:17 authored by Athina Katsanevaki

Audio example 1: “Pulia Pulia tsi plădzį pi dzade?”. Polyphonic lament-song of the Northern Epirot Vlachs, sung in groups “when you feel sorrow”. It originates from the village of Boria (area of Koritsa-Korce-Kortsaua) in Northern Epirus in Albania. Field recording by Athena Katsanevaki.

Singers: group of women originating from the village of Boria. First meeting in Boria. Field recording in Athens. Date 28/1/2008 (see also Katsanevaki 2017a, Part A, mus.ex.9).

Audio example 2: “Mori Maria Vergolia”. A Greek-Speaking Klidonas song from the Vlach village Fourka (Northern Pindus Mountain). Field recording by Athena Katsanevaki in Fourka. Date: 25/7/1995. Singers: female group from the village of Fourka (see also Katsanevaki 2017a, Part B, mus.ex. 4).

Audio example 3: Interview with a lamenter in the Village of Areti in Kalamas region Epirus-Greece. Field recording by Katsanevaki Athena-Pistrick Eckehard, in the village of Areti. Date: 19/7/2007. A local woman at the age of 73.

Audio example 4: The Fragment of Orestes sung by Athena Katsanevaki in the heterophonic manner of the Pindus mountains completing the second and third voice in the Pindus manner. An interpretative model suggested by the overall analysis (see the Comparative Chart 4, Orestes).

Video: Field recording by Athena Katsanevaki in the Village of Chrysavgi (Voion-Anaselitsa region in Western Macedonia in Greece). Easter Female Dance with the Hie! Exclamations (upper 7th minor).