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Gendang Beleq

posted on 2021-08-19, 15:51 authored by David Harnish
2.1 Gendang Beleq, Festival Mataram, 2017. A troupe, led by a dancing villager with down syndrome, features six gendang players in procession. The clip focuses on gendang and then on ceng ceng players.

2.2 Gendang Beleq, Festival Mataram, 2017. The same troupe reaches the end of the path and performs before politicians and dignitaries on the stage.

2.3 Marawis and Gendang Beleq, Festival Mataram, 2017. This clip begins with a female marawis group and then shows a traditional gendang beleq lineup of two gendang, a smaller number of ceng ceng players, and a few reong players.

2.4 Kecodak Rehearsal, Tanjung, 2017. The reviving kecodak (a local term for gendang beleq) troupe rehearses in preparation for a performance the following week at Taman Budaya. The new Arts Section of the Education and Culture Department was assisting in the development, but the officials – all of them musicians themselves – tried to help maintain the unique style of the village of Tanjung.

2.5 Gendang Beleq at Taman Budaya, 2014. This smaller troupe was engaged for a special event, organized by Ibu Endah, at Taman Budaya to receive guests from the Performing Arts of Southeast Asia (PASEA) study group of the International Council for Traditional Music. PASEA held a conference on Bali, then had an excursion on Lombok co-organized by Mohd Anis Nur and myself.