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Lecture 1 - Ten Lectures on Language as Cognition: A Multi-Method Approach

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posted on 2023-02-13, 17:27 authored by Dagmar Divjak, Petar Milin


Merging insights from cognitive linguistic theories of language and learning theories originating within psychology, Divjak and Milin present a new paradigm that has computational modelling at its core. They showcase the power of this interdisciplinary approach for linguistic theory, methodology and description. Through a series of detailed case studies that model usage of the English article system, the Polish aspectual system, English tense/aspect contrasts and the Serbian case system they show how computational models anchored in learning can provide a simple and comprehensive account of how intricate phenomena that have long defied a unified treatment could be learned from exposure to usage alone. As such, their models form the basis for a first rigorous test of a core assumption of usage-based linguistics: that of the emergence of structure from use.