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Supplementary material to BEH 3636

posted on 2020-10-29, 09:32 authored by Rebecca M. Brunner, Juan M. Guayasamin

Video 1. Representative clips of the acoustic and visual signals (head bobbing, hand-waving, and foot-flagging) of Sachatamia orejuela.

Video 2. Same footage as Video 1, but at 50% speed.

Video 3. Full-length, unedited recordings of Sachatamia orejuela visual and acoustic signaling. Note that this includes many times when the camera is shaky or goes out of focus; the only accessible viewing spot for the Sachatamia orejuela display was a small, slippery rock ledge that required RMB to balance on one foot while filming.

Audio 1. Advertisement call of Sachatamia orejuela. Single-note calls occur at approximately 0:01, 0.45, 1:02, 1:30, and 1:42. An example of its double-note call occurs at 2:03.

Audio 2. Single-note advertisement call of Sachatamia orejuela (at approximately 0:09), followed by the characteristic double ‘click’ call of Espadarana prosoblepon (at approximately 0:15), a sympatric glassfrog species.