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Supplementary material to BEH 3640

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posted on 2020-12-15, 11:41 authored by Samin Gokcekus, Rahel K. Brügger, Judith M. Burkart
Video 1 shows how I5 began bringing the woodchips to the border that separated the two individuals and holding them up against the mesh before or while manipulating the woodchip, the 'retrieve, show, manipulate' sequence.
Video 2 shows how, in the fourth session, I6 was actively involved with the woodchips for the first time. I5 brought a woodchip to the mesh and held it up momentarily and manipulated it as she was previously. I6 came over (within one body-length) and watched. I5 then wedged the woodchip into the mesh and jumped out of view. I6 inspected the woodchip, jumped away, and then jumped back. I6 then grabbed the woodchip and tried to pull the woodchip out of the mesh and into her own enclosure.
Video 3 shows how, in the third session, I5 initiated the retrieve, show, manipulate sequence. Less than a minute later, I6 came into view with a woodchip for the first time. She held it momentarily then manipulated and bit it, then walked out of view with the woodchip in hand. I6 returned five seconds later and came over to the mesh and initiated the retrieve, show, manipulate sequence that I5 was previously doing.
Video 4 shows that I5 would stop showing the woodchip to I6 when she could see that I6 was not attentive.


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