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Supplementary material to BEH 3731

posted on 2021-10-28, 13:39 authored by Ivo Jacobs, Auguste M.P. von Bayern, Mathias Osvath
Liane selected a wooden stick (length 12 cm, diameter 0.5 cm) and flew out of camera view. During the final 3 min, she appears to have touched the stick against the casing and bulb of the heat lamp because intermittent sounds of wood against metal and ceramic can be heard in the audio clip. In the video clip, Mango took the wooden stick, which was the same kind as in L1, and flew to the perch next to the heat lamp. After 33 s, he erratically touched the tool against the casing and ceramic bulb for four seconds before dropping it. He held the tool in centred grip. In contrast to L1, the tool was not visibly singed.


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