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Supplementary material to BEH 3737

posted on 2021-11-24, 10:03 authored by Isamara Mendes-Silva, Drielly Queiroga, Eduardo S. Calixto, Helena Maura Torezan-Silingardi, Kleber Del-claroKleber Del-claro

Video 1. Video of the wasp Brachygastra lecheguana removing and preying upon a weevil larva in Banisteriopsis laevifolia at the Brazilian tropical savanna, Cerrado vegetation.

Figure A1. The micro accelerometer (PCB Piezotronics, 352C22), mounted under a mechanical vibration amplifier device (A), where we placed each floral bud for 5 minutes (B) and noted whether the accelerometer detected any vibration.