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Supplementary materials to BEH 3776

posted on 2022-08-31, 06:32 authored by Robin D. Johnsson, Farley Connelly, John A. Lesku


Figure A1. Tool-use apparatus. (a) Tool-use apparatus seen from the side with stick tool inserted between the transparent walls. (b) Apparatus seen from above next to the stick tool and digitally inserted ruler.

Table A1. Ethogram of behaviours displayed towards the tool use set-up and average occurrences of the behaviours observed during the study (N = 11 birds; mean ± standard deviation). Tool use as a behaviour was not included in the ethogram because it was only displayed once by a single bird.

Table A2. Total amount of time (min) each bird was presented the tool use apparatus.

Table A3. Number of times each bird pulled the stick to acquire food.

Video 1. Australian magpies pulling a stick to acquire food.

Video 2. Australian magpie using a stick tool to extract food.


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