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posted on 2021-02-25, 07:13 authored by Fernando G. Soley, Rafael Lucas Rodríguez, Gerlinde Höbel, William G. Eberhard
When the bug entered the web, the spider ran to it and wrapped its head, antennae, and some legs (including its raptorial forelegs) with silk. The spider retreated momentarily, then renewed the attack. At this point the bug oriented one of its long hindlegs and repeatedly tapped toward the spider in a forceful way; one of these movements contacted (i.e., ‘kicked’) the leg of the spider, and caused the spider to retreat. As the spider retreated, the bug continued flexing its hind leg. Less than two minutes later, the spider attacked again while the bug was attempting to groom itself free of the entanglement. This time, the bug placed an untangled foreleg on the ground, and used it to pivot slightly to align itself facing partially away from the spider, and then delivered a single, strong tap with the same hind leg. This second kick was more precise, and involved only one leg thrust to strike the spider.


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