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posted on 2020-12-03, 07:01 authored by Jake S. Brooker, Christine E. Webb, Zanna ClayZanna Clay
On two occasions Max presented his penis towards uninvolved bystanders including on April 27 towards his adult sister Maxine, and on May 7 towards Zsabu. On these occasions, Max made a concave back and thrusted his erect penis towards the recipient with one or both hands placed on the ground behind his feet. On July 6, the only observed dyadic agonistic interaction between Max and David occurred. David chased Max who fled and responded with a bared-teeth display and presented his rump towards David who did not appear to engage. On two occasions during high-tension feeding periods following the observed fellatio (July 13 and July 19), Max ventro-dorsally embraced David with pelvic thrusts. We did not observe ejaculation during any of these events.