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Videos to BEH 3759

posted on 2022-04-26, 12:19 authored by Kristin Havercamp, Matilda-Jane Brindle, Volker Sommer, Satoshi Hirata


Video 1. Infrared video recording of chimpanzee Kanao (2018-Oct-24, 23:52, 3:54 min duration). The nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) is more clearly visible when watching in fast-forward (or scrolling the video’s timeline).

Video 2. Infrared video recording of chimpanzee Takaboh (2018-Nov-19, 21:56, 2:58 min duration). Possible spontaneous nocturnal emission occurs at 0:19, following by Takaboh placing his hand to his inner thigh where ejaculate may have fallen, then to his mouth and back 14 times, seemingly consuming ejaculate.