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Evidence for the dissolution of the Calyptra minuticornis novaepommeraniae (Strand) and C. minuticornis minuticornis (Guenée) sub-species distinction (Insecta: Lepidoptera: Erebidae): supplementary material

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journal contribution
posted on 2019-08-29, 11:37 authored by Julia L. Snyder, Alberto Zilli, Jennifer M. Zaspel

The species Calyptra minuticornis is divided into two subspecies: C. minuticornis novaepommeraniae (Strand) and C. minuticornis minuticornis (Guenée) based on minor morphological differences, geographic distribution, and differential feeding behaviors in the adults. In this study, museum specimens were examined, including the holotypes of C. novaepommeraniae and C. minuticornis. A comprehensive distribution map was generated for C. minuticornis. A permutational multivariate analysis of variance provided some statistical evidence for minor differences between the male genitalic morphology. Additionally, the maximum parsimony analysis of the C. minuticornis subspecies complex resulted in a polytomy and did not represent natural groupings. From these results, it can be concluded that C. minuticornis novaepommeraniae and C. minuticornis minuticornis should be synonymized. A redescription of the species and a revised checklist for the genus is also provided. This includes synonymization of Wolframmeyia Behounek, Hacker & Speidel with Calyptra and evidence that Percalpe Berio is an unavailable name.


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